SpiderFoot HX

Completely overhauled, professionally hosted and supported, SpiderFoot HX will take your OSINT to the next level. Join the private beta and see for yourself.

SpiderFoot HX Features

SpiderFoot HX builds upon the module base of the open source version and a completely overhauled architecture for scalability, speed and much more functionality.

Cloud hosted

Accessible any time, anywhere requiring no management or setup costs. Always be running the latest version.

Scheduled scanning

Automatically scan targets according to a daily, weekly or monthly schedule, without having to manually perform the scan. This is most useful for continuous perimeter monitoring.

Scale & Speed

Get results 5-10x faster than the open source version and handle over one million data elements easily, thanks to a completely overhauled and distributed architecture.

Change detection

Be notified about the changes detected between scheduled scans, enabling the identification of potential risks quickly. You can also pick any two scans and compare them to identify differences.


Further automate your OSINT by integrating with the fully documented RESTful API, including examples to get you up-and-running quickly.

Team collaboration

Define different access levels to team members using SpiderFoot HX and add annotations to data elements and identified changes.

Multi-target Scanning

Got multiple entities which are in reality part of the same target? With SpiderFoot HX you can specify multiple targets in the one scan to easily see all the inter-relationships.

Reporting & Drill-down

Automatically identify risky data items, break down data based on the source, category or module, drill down into individual data points to see their inter-relations and history.


E-mail support around the clock to help you get the most value out of SpiderFoot HX and address any issues you might encounter.


Run long scans? SpiderFoot HX can optionally send you e-mail notifications once scans complete and change reports at the end of a scheduled scan.


Scan activity initiated by your SpiderFoot HX instance cannot be traced back to you. TOR integration is implemented and can optionally be used.


Only HTTPS access. Optional 2FA using Google Authenticator or Authy. All user activity is logged and viewable from the interface.

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