Latest Release

The latest version of SpiderFoot is 2.9.0, released on 14-March-2017.

See what’s new in 2.9.0.

Platform SHA-256 Link
Windows 2fbe23fa6ecd544ef653cbf300f590723cb0520aa258fc339e7e402eba8f30a3 Download
Linux/BSD/Solaris 3cc44eeb4505384c8e5b67c1d3f4d67fdb9c715545c0a8ef34256658ffe59e38 Download

Check out the Documentation section for installation instructions, incuding information about dependencies.


SpiderFoot source code is hosted on GitHub, browse the repo.

Previous Releases

If you are looking for older versions of SpiderFoot, they can be downloaded from SourceForge here.